Theresa du Toit

Theresa has a strong desire to succeed, both professionally and in her free time as an athlete and endurance horse-rider. In her role as Account Manager, she uses her tenacity and people skills to really find out what customers need and deliver them the solution required to develop new products that will ultimately improve the health of consumers. She notes “I’m committed to establishing trust with customers so that we can work together in a partnership. There is so much potential for genomics to revolutionise healthcare. That’s how I can contribute to my passion of improving patient health”.

Theresa is responsible for the key accounts at BaseClear. Her accounts are located in academia, industry and the government, and require genomics expertise for many different applications. Her diverse background on two continents and in numerous areas of patient care gives her a broad understanding of customer needs, which helps her to find the right solution. For example, having worked with patients in the past helps her now with projects involving clinical trials and the contribution of the microbiome to patient health.

Theresa has many years of experience as a successful account manager as well as a background in science. Theresa studied chemical pathology in her native country South Africa as an undergraduate, but changed to marketing and sales when she realized that she was motivated most by relationship building and interacting with customers. She held several positions in account management in the medical industry in South Africa before moving to the Netherlands in 2017. Theresa is delighted to be part of BaseClear, where she can help bring microbiome-based solutions to global problems. “I love a challenge, and BaseClear provides a stimulating environment where I can make a difference for our customers. I’m genuinely interested in all the different applications our customers have for the technology, and I’m excited about helping them achieve their goals.” she says.

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