Thomas Spanjers

Experienced Senior Account Manager Thomas Spanjers is inspired by BaseClear’s mission to create a healthy and sustainable planet through microbes. “The solutions that BaseClear provides shows we are really thinking about how the microbial world can help people. I like working for a company that can make an impact” he says.

Thomas combines an analytical background with strong interpersonal skills to establish and maintain an excellent connection with BaseClear’s key accounts. As the main line of communication between BaseClear and his customers, he has to ensure that there is a healthy relationship that is aligned with customers’ needs. “A crucial part of my job is communication: I aim to find solutions to problems that our customers don’t yet know they have. I find it fascinating to talk to customers and find out what they are doing. This is how I can connect them to the microbial genomics expertise that they need to accomplish their goals.”

Thomas initially obtained a Bachelor in Microbiology, but soon realized that a commercial position would be better suited to his way of working. He worked as an account manager at different science-related companies for almost a decade before striking out on his own. His own business brought together people with great ideas in health care with the experts and funding they needed to their ideas work. “Starting my own business was a transformative process for me. It really showed what my strengths and weaknesses were. My stakeholder management skills were put to the test as I aligned goals between different parties.” Now he brings his breadth of experience and strategic approach to key account management to serve the needs of the microbial genomics community.

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