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Walter Pirovano

As the Manager of Innovation, Walter supports BaseClear’s mission to create solutions that accelerate the understanding of microorganisms and to find applications that improve health and wellbeing.  He is personally driven to combine all available expertise and technologies and translate these into new products that meet the needs of our partners.

His team of Product Managers has a strong background in microbiology and genomics. Together they form the basis of scientific excellency of our innovation group. “At BaseClear we make a difference through listening to customers’ needs. We provide them with vital expertise in different steps of their research, product development and production analysis. My team closely monitors the latest scientific developments via collaborations with key partners in the industry and academia. We implement improvements as quickly as possible into the product lines so that they are directly available for our clients. We are committed to develop scientifically proven and validated solutions addressing the needs of our partners and to have BaseClear growing together with them”.

Walter’s position builds on a solid background in molecular biology and bioinformatics. He obtained a master’s degree in Milan, Italy and returned to the Netherlands for a PhD in bioinformatics where he enthusiastically worked on the development of sequence analysis algorithms. After joining BaseClear in 2009 with the ambition to translate the technological advancements into practical and meaningful solutions for society, he started to build up a data analysis and interpretation portfolio. Later, his responsibilities were extended to company-wide products. “BaseClear was professional, and had the right ambition and balance between scientific rigour and innovation,” says Walter. “I’m proud to be part of the innovation centre where expertise and methodologies are aligned to the needs of the market segment we serve. In this way, we can stay at the forefront of the microbial genomics revolution.”

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