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The availability of complete genome sequences and the rapid advancement in the field of genomics has opened new possibilities in vaccine development and biomarker discovery. The availability of genomic data of pathogens increases the opportunities for the identification of novel vaccine candidates and allows one to move from a conventional empiric approach to a more rational design. This is also true for biomarker development and drug discovery related to infectious diseases.

BaseClear is an expert in microbial genomics and offers various services to support you in your research and development of biomarkers and vaccines for infectious diseases. We can analyze and compare whole genomes of different pathogens to determine, for example, which genes they have in common and which genes are specific to a certain strain. We can also check the antibiotic resistance of a certain pathogen or analyze its virulence genes. Moreover, we offer specific services for virus characterization. In a later stage, we can also help you with the optimization of your biomarker or vaccine, for example via the production of a synthetic DNA library. Our experts fully understand the problems and challenges that you are facing and will offer you a tailor-made solution, using the latest technologies that are available at BaseClear.

BaseClear offers the following services for the development of biomarkers and vaccines:
  • Complete genome comparison 
  • Antibiotic resistance gene screening 
  • Virulence gene identification and characterization 
  • Virus genome sequencing and comparison 
  • Transcriptome analysis 
  • Biomarker and vaccine optimization

Meet Evelien Zeinstra!

Evelien is one our dedicated account managers. She regularly visits customers and gives presentations at exhibitions and conferences. Her main focus is the sales of next generation sequencing services.


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