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Nature contains a wealth of genes, enzymes, metabolites and other biomolecules that might be interesting for new applications. They might be useful, for example, as food ingredients, as enzymes in detergents, as drugs or antibiotics or as biofuel. Such unknown genes and biomolecules can be discovered by analyzing the genomes of a large number of samples containing microbial communities, like soil samples from all over the world.

BaseClear has high-quality technologies available for such genomics analysis. With our high-throughput equipment we can analyze large numbers of samples. Our experts are able to extract DNA efficiently from the most difficult samples, allowing you to discover a new lead in the most exotic materials. BaseClear offers the following services for biomolecule and gene discovery:

  • Complete genome analysis
  • Gene function analysis
  • Genome and metagenome screening for novel genes and biomolecules

Meet Evelien Zeinstra!

Evelien is one our dedicated account managers. She regularly visits customers and gives presentations at exhibitions and conferences. Her main focus is the sales of next generation sequencing services.


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