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When applying microorganisms as a food ingredient or using them as a production strain for products like enzymes or antibiotics, genomics is now an essential tool for the development and optimization of these microbial strains. When starting a research project, knowledge of the complete genome is often crucial to understanding the microorganisms that you are studying and determining which genes are involved in the process that you want to explore. In later stages, genome analysis might be required to check if a plasmid or insertion cassette is correctly incorporated or to verify the presence or absence of mutations after a fermentation or selection process. Over the last couple of years, BaseClear has specialized in microbial genomics and can help you with all of these various aspects of your research.

Different research questions require different genomics solutions. The experts at BaseClear have a strong molecular microbiology background and understand your problems and challenges. Using the latest technologies that are available within BaseClear, they can offer you a tailor-made solution. The only thing you need to provide them with is a pure culture of your microorganism. Our experts will take care of the rest from DNA extraction to data analysis and come back to you with a complete report with the answers to your questions!

BaseClear offers the following services for the development of probiotics and fermentation production strains:

  • Complete genome analysis 
  • Gene function analysis 
  • Antibiotic resistance gene screening 
  • Gene copy number determination 
  • Insertion cassette analysis 
  • Genome comparison and SNP analysis 
  • Transcriptome analysis 
  • Plasmid identification and characterization 
  • Tests for EFSA approval 

Meet Derek Butler!

Derek is director of our genome analysis and synthetic biology department. In addition to this he works on a number of collaborative research projects with the objective to develop novel and more efficient DNA-related services.

Testimonial DSM Biotechnology Centre

BasClear offers a good performance from a technical perspective. I really appreciate the open way in which we communicate and whenever we need something done urgently, they are always willing to discuss the possibilities and try to help us make deadlines. They offer advice on the best set-up of the project and concentrate on finding solutions, instead of only pointing out potential problems.

Associate Scientist Bioinformatics


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