Microbial Ingredients

In our ‘Microbial Ingredients’ product line we offer solutions to customers in e.g. industrial biotechnology, starting with the discovery of novel microbial strains up to their approval by regulatory bodies such as EFSA and FDA. 

Microbes such as bacteria and fungi are essential for many biotech processes and also have a huge impact on human and animal health. We partner with our industrial biotechnology customers to help understand how these microbes work and how these microbes can be applied in industrial processes. Please find more information about our applications for industrial fermentation here.

From discovery to approval

Discovery of novel microbial strains

BaseClear offers a culturomics platform that enables the identification and discovery of microbial cultures or mixtures which produce novel enzymes, antimicrobials agents, bioactive compounds and next generation probiotics. The culturomics platform allows high-throughput screening and analysis of samples with the aim of discovering novel microbial strains and new physiological and metabolic properties.

More about strain discovery

Regulatory support

BaseClear can help you acquire a safety assessment dossier on microorganisms used as production strains, probiotics, live biotherapeutics, novel foods, feed additive production and fermentation among other food & feed applications. Our solution is to generating appropriate whole genome sequencing & bioinformatics data compliant with regulatory requirements and help build the dossier with rigorous scientific justification to support the safety of strains introduced intentionally into the food chain.

Our regulatory affairs solutions

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