Microbial Ingredients

In our ‘Microbial Ingredients’ product line we offer solutions to customers in e.g. industrial biotechnology, starting with the discovery of novel microbial strains up to their approval by regulatory bodies such as EFSA and FDA. 

Microbes such as bacteria and fungi are essential for many biotech processes and also have a huge impact on human and animal health. We partner with our industrial biotechnology customers to help understand how these microbes work and how these microbes can be applied in industrial processes. Please find more information about our applications for industrial fermentation here.

From discovery to approval

Discovery of novel microbial strains

BaseClear offers a strain discovery platform that enables the identification and discovery of microbial cultures or mixtures that produce novel enzymes, antimicrobial agents, bioactive compounds, and next-generation probiotics. The strain discovery platform allows high-throughput screening and analysis of samples to discover novel microbial strains and new physiological and metabolic properties.


Regulatory support

BaseClear can help you acquire a safety assessment dossier on microorganisms used as production strains, probiotics, live biotherapeutics, novel foods, feed additive production and fermentation among other food & feed applications. Our solution is to generating appropriate whole genome sequencing & bioinformatics data compliant with regulatory requirements and help build the dossier with rigorous scientific justification to support the safety of strains introduced intentionally into the food chain.


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Case study

A customer was in demand of novel enzymes capable of degrading specified compounds under challenging acidophilic, thermophilic and alkalophilic conditions. The process involved thorough consultations and literature reviews to determine optimal conditions, followed by heat shock treatments, pre-culturing, and parallel culturing methods. Pilot experiments were conducted for process optimization, leading to the identification of twelve different species and thirty-two previously uncultured species. Genome sequencing of isolates was performed for efficient data mining. Deliverables included a comprehensive expert report detailing the experimental approach and results, complete ownership granted to the customer for genetic resources, glycerol stocks of pure cultures, and Fasta files of sequenced isolates.

Meet Hua Zhu!

With her unwavering passion for microorganism and over 15 years dedicated research experience, Hua Zhu brings her expertise to BaseClear as Regulatory Affairs Product Manager. “I am consistently fascinated by the invisible microbial world,” Says Hua. “My diverse experiences with various microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, fungi and phage, enable me to perceive our customers’ needs and provide assistance across a broad spectrum of microbial topics.”

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