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Identification of bacteria and fungi can be very time consuming, because of growth time and lab work. BaseClear offers innovative services for fast and reliable identification of microorganisms. BaseClear is specialized in fast identifications of micro-organisms using molecular methods such as DNA sequencing (MicroSEQ® system or in-house developed protocols) or MALDI-TOF technology (using the Vitek® MS from bioMérieux). We have many satisfied customers working in for instance food, water, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

BaseClear offers identification services using the revolutionary MicroSEQ® system from Applied Biosystems for identification of microbiological samples, based on PCR and DNA sequencing of the 16S rRNA for bacteria or the D2-LSU region for fungal samples. This system provides accurate and reproducible results without the need for time-consuming growth. It is suitable for fast screening (1 day for our fast service!) of even the most difficult samples.

In addition BaseClear offers identification services using the VITEK® MS from BioMérieux. By acquiring the VITEK® MS we have expanded our microbial service package with a fast and reliable identification platform. This proteotypic technology is 30-40% more accurate compared to existing phenotypic methods. Additional advantages of this system are the delivery time (possible within a couple of hours!) and the costs compared to other identification methods. 


  • Several options available for bacterial or fungal identification
  • Faster and more reliable than conventional identification methods
  • 100% accurate and 100% reproducibility
  • Contact our specialist to discuss which option best fits your needs 
  • Fast delivery within 24 hours possible 
  • Complete package of molecular methods for microbial identifications available
  • Free trial available to get acquainted with our services 
  • Validated systems for identification of bacteria and fungi 
  • Complete report including genetic distance and phylogenic tree 
  • MicroSEQ® system recommended by various agencies around the world, including the US and European Pharmacopoeia 
  • Perfect solution for QA/QC labs in food, water, pharmaceutical and public health industries, dealing with bacterial or fungal contamination problems
  • BaseClear is an independent and certified service laboratory  working with GMP and ISO compliant methods
  • Optional microbial typing using either REP-PCR or Multilocus sequence typing (MLST)


We offer a free trial using our MicroSEQ® service (one sample) or using our MALDI-TOF service (up to 3 samples) for new customers. Apply now for a FREE trial by filling in our contact form or contact one of our account managers directly at +31 (0)71 523 3917.


GMP Microbial identifications

BaseClear offers GMP Microbial identifications through their joint venture ProBase Pharma. For GMP Bacterial identifications visit and for GMP Fungal identifications visit

Meet Richard de Winter

Richard is director of the Sanger sequencing and microbiology department. In addition he is site-manager of ProBase Pharma, the joint venture of BaseClear and MicroSafe for GMP accredited rapid molecular testing.

Testimonial Abbott Biologicals

For our production it is important to check for microbiological contamination and to subsequent identify these on the basis of its DNA. BaseClear does excellent work and always sticks to the agreement made. I always receive a response within an hour.

Microbiological Specialist - Abbott Biologicals


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