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Identification of an unknown species that you may have encountered can help to assess whether it poses a safety or spoilage concern. The identification of microorganisms causing spoilage is of major importance, but sometimes you need to know more, including where a contaminant came from. Many organisms occupy a diverse range of habitats. The only way of knowing the origins of a particular contaminant is to characterize it to a specific strain and then match that with a strain elsewhere in the environment. For this BaseClear offers microbial characterization (typing) services using for instance REP-PCR or Multilocus sequencing typing (MLST).

BaseClear is experienced and specialized in molecular microbiology. Our microbiology department is a well-equipped facility with a complete range of reliable and validated test systems for identification and typing of bacteria and fungi. We can offer same day results so that you can get results as fast as possible. BaseClear services and solutions can help you prevent for instance long-time manufactory shutdown or product recalls.

GMP Microbial (strain) typing services

BaseClear offers GMP Microbial strain typing services through their joint venture ProBase Pharma. For more information visit


Meet Richard de Winter

Richard is director of the Sanger sequencing and microbiology department. In addition he is site-manager of ProBase Pharma, the joint venture of BaseClear and MicroSafe for GMP accredited rapid molecular testing.

Testimonial UMC Utrecht

For some bacteria we lack the biochemical tests that would allow us to detemine the partcular strain we are testing with the required degree of certainty. For this type of bacteria we have to rely on molecular identification, which is the part that BaseClear handles for us. BaseClear types (MLST), which allows us to establish to what extent within a given species the microorganisms are related. As such are for example, able to detemine whether different contaminations were caused by the same source

Associate professor Medical Microbiology


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