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Understanding the dynamics of microbial communities has gained much attention in recent years. Modern genomic technologies based on Next Generation Sequencing have opened a wide range of possibilities for microbial identification and diversity studies. BaseClear offers complete solutions to extract DNA from your samples and the means to determine the composition of bacteria, and also for Archaea and fungi in a broad range of sample, including water, faeces and bioreactor specimens. 

The technical approach for this kind of studies is usually based on PCR amplification followed by sequencing of housekeeping or functional genes (for instance 16S, 18S, 23S or ITS). The generated data is then compared to microbial sequencing databases. Data analysis is performed by our in-house developed tool: the BaseClear metaGenome Browser (BmGB)™. Advantages of microbial diversity analysis (also referred to as 'microbial profiling', '16S profiling' or '16S metagenomics') studies based on Next Generation sequencing compared to classical methods include:

  • Identify thousands of microorganisms in one analysis
  • Identification of non-cultivable microorganisms
  • Determine the relative abundance of microorganisms
  • Extremely fast for screening of complex ecosystems
  • Better understanding and control of the microbial flora

Microbial diversity analysis using Next Gen sequencing can be applied in a wide variety of studies. For instance in food processing, probiotics, water safety testing, microbiome analysis, biofilms, fermentation, soil research (e.g. Rhizobia) and environmental samples.  



BaseClear is specialized in microbial diversity studies for environmental (e.g. food, water and soil) and microbiota samples. We offer complete solutions based on 16S (for bacteria) and/or ITS (for fungi) amplicon analysis for taxonomic classification and determine relative frequencies. Our managers are happy to discuss the ideal workflow that best fits your needs and budget. Our main drive is to make sure that your research questions are answered!

Our advantages include:

  • BaseClear has a strong focus on microbial genomics
  • Many years of experience with microbial profiling projects with samples coming from a variety of different source (e.g. soil, water, food products, feces, etc.) 
  • Experimental design for this kind of projects is crucial, our specialists can help decide which strategy should be used for your project for most reliable results
  • Advanced pipelines for downstream data analysis and interpretation
  • Taxonomic and functional classification performed using specialized software (such as MEGAN)
  • Unique interactive online portal for multilevel taxonomic analysis
  • BaseClear is an independent service laboratory using ISO17025 and GMP compliant methods 
  • Many satisfied customers worldwide


Read more about the bioinformatics possibilities on our microbial profiling analysis page.

Meet Adalberto Costessi!

Adalberto is manager of our Next Generation sequencing (NGS) department and is also responsible for the development of new related technologies.

Testimonial TNO Quality of Life

What I appreciate in BaseClear is their flexibility. the result of which are visible in tailored customer-specific agreements. BaseClear has an open mind with regards to the wishes of their customers. If we need a project that deviates from their standard services, they will always find a solution.

Senior Research Assistant Microbiology & Systems Biology


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