Microbial communities play important roles in industrial processes such as dairy production, probiotics development, cosmetics, and enzyme discovery. In addition, the relationship between the human microbiome and health is being explored by an increasing number of projects. Innovation and product optimisation in these community-driven worlds rely heavily on well-conducted microbiome research. BaseClear offers an extensive microbiome analysis portfolio that includes not only consultancy, study design, sampling solutions and sequencing, but also downstream bioinformatic and biostatistical analyses.

Experts meetings on microbiome analysis

BaseClear has many years of experience in microbiome analysis. We routinely organise expert meetings wherein scientists and researchers meet, share and discuss microbiome projects, challenges and opportunities. We also routinely organise meetings in the form of conferences covering various topics, some of which being skin microbiome analysis, animal microbiome analysis, and microbiome analysis for clinical trials.

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Tom is our metagenomics and microbiome specialist. He is responsible for the development of new and improved metagenomics and microbial profiling services, which are based on Next-Generation sequencing and related technologies. Tom completed his PhD research at the Laboratory for Microbiology at Wageningen University. He studied community and genomic analysis of the human small intestine microbiota in a project funded by TI Food and Nutrition entitled "Complex fermentations."

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