Join us at the upcoming Navigating Novel Strain Discovery Webinar, where we will bring together experts to discuss various aspects of novel strain discovery!

In a rapidly changing market, the demand for novel strains has reached an all-time high, fueled by consumer trends like preferences for sustainable solutions, biobased materials, and health-conscious products such as dairy and meat substitutes, 0% alcohol beer, and probiotics. These shifts present challenges, particularly in the context of starter cultures. To address these challenges, various microbiological, sequencing, and bioinformatics solutions have been developed to search for specific genes, enzymes, and proteins.

This webinar promises to be a valuable forum for knowledge exchange, where we will explore market trends and challenges, gaining insights into how strain discovery can be approached from a classic microbiological angle. Another focal point will be the role of organizations in building a comprehensive database by using samples collected from around the world. We’ll gain a broader industry perspective, understanding how regulations such as Nagoya Protocol and associated EU Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) considerations, impact operations. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to engage with our experts and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic field of novel strain discovery.




Date: Thursday, February 15th 2024
Time: 11.00 - 12.15 CET
Moderator: Dr. Radhika Bongoni - Commercial Director, BaseClear


  • 11.00    Welcome & Opening by Dr. Radhika Bongoni, Commercial Director – BaseClear
  • 11.10    Novel strain & enzyme discovery & biobased solutions for sustainability and alternate foods
    Dr. Astrid Heikema – Professor (Lector) Applied Microbial Genomics, BaseClear & University of Applied Sciences Leiden
  • 11.25    Accelerating biotechnology solutions through ethically-sourced global biodiversity data and AI biodesign
    Dr. Phoebe Oldach – Field Research Lead, Basecamp Research
  • 11.40     An industry perspective on Access and Benefit Sharing
    Dr. Markus Wyss  – Head of Group Regulatory Affairs Capabilities, dsm-firmenich
  • 11.55    Q&A Session
  • 12.10    Closing Remarks

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