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New BaseClear Premium NGS Rapid Sequencing services!

New BaseClear Premium NGS Rapid Sequencing services!

Through the introduction of our Premium Rapid services for genome and transcriptome sequencing we now guarantee data output and a delivery time of only 4 weeks! These sharp delivery times are made possible by dedicated internal processes together with automation of lab protocols and the recent upgrade of our sequencer to HiSeq 2500. The first RAPID projects have now been completed with great success and customers are very satisfied with this new service. For specific projects we can even arrange faster delivery times on request, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info!



We now offer complete RNA-seq solutions, including optional rRNA depletion and Meta transcriptomics services. Additionally, our bioinformatics team has further optimized the RNA-seq pipeline for denovo transcriptome assembly, annotation and gene expression analysis. This unique assembly pipeline combines Trinity software and BLAST resulting in a fully annotated transcriptome including EC, CAZy, GO and KO terms.Additional quality controls are standardly performed to evaluate the assembly quality, including checking the presence or absence of core transcripts that are conserved among most species. Transcript expression is measured using advanced CLCbio analysis software and comparative analyses are carried out using rigorous statistical criteria. The pipeline is also well suited for analysis of meta-transcriptomes.



Meta-transcriptomics on waste water samples: identification of all  active species and functions of organisms in a water sample.Rapid RNA-seq data analysis: provided a full RNA-seq report and data analysis within 2 weeks.Rapid RNA-seq on 10 Yeast strains: including RNA isolation and sequencing 10 yeast transcriptomes within 4 weeks.Gene expression analysis of Streptomyces strains: including rRNA depletion, 20 Mio reads sequence data and gene expression analysis for 5 Streptomyces strains.


ZonMW/NWO-ALW call closes in one week!

Just before the summer, ZonMW published a call for proposals for public-private research partnerships to get access to the state-of-art expertise and infrastructure offered by DTL-associetes "Technology Hotels" in the areas of Bioinformatics an Genomics. Note that this call closes within a week from now, on the 1st of October.

As an existing customer of BaseClear you can apply for this call together with BaseClear as your industrial partner.

DTL Technology Hotels:
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