BaseClear approved as DTL Technology Hotel

BaseClear is now approved by the Dutch Tech centre for Life Sciences (DTL) as Technology hotel. Life Science researchers who do not have access to specific facilities at their home institute can apply for funding to get access to the high-end equipment and expertise of Technology Hotels such as BaseClear. The 2017 call is open, deadline for applications is August 29, 2017. Maximum funding is €30.000 per project.


DTL is a public-private partnership of more than 50 life science organizations in the Netherlands. The majority of Dutch universities and university medical centres are DTL partners, and a growing number of companies are joining the organization. DTL connects scientists, data experts, technical experts and trainers that are specialized in a variety of high-end wet lab and data technologies, and working in life science domains ranging from health to nutrition, agro, biotech and biodiversity. Together, these professionals interconnect and improve their research infrastructure to enable cost-effective cross-technology life science research in national and international collaboration.


In the ‘Enabling Technologies Hotels (ETH) program’, life science researchers can apply for funding to get access to the high-end equipment and expertise of 120+ Technology Hotels that are listed on the DTL website.  With a EUR 1.8 million budget, the 2017 program is twice the size of the previous call.

The 2017 budget will be evenly distributed over two different types of research projects:

  • Early career scientist projects, where it is not necessary to involve a company as co-applicant. The main applicant should be a scientist at a Dutch academic research organization who obtained a PhD less than nine years ago.
  • Public-private projects, i.e., collaborations between academic and industrial scientists. Projects in this category are asked to include the company as co-applicant. The companies are required to provide 10% co-funding in cash and/or in kind. The main applicant is a scientist at a Dutch academic research organization, with no restrictions regarding the time since the PhD defence of the applicant.


BaseClear has extended experience with submitting DTL applications. We are happy to help you with this. Please fill in our contact form to discuss your potential project with one of our specialists.

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