BaseClear, DSM, GSK and Lactobio organise online meeting on microbiome-friendly cosmetic ingredients & formulations

On Tuesday 17 May, BaseClear, together with DSM, GSK and Lactobio, is organizing an online experts meeting about microbiome-friendly cosmetic ingredients and formulations. Microbiome-friendly is a strong trend in personal care, but it requires the right testing methods and expertise to make trusted scientific claims.

The skin microbiota is the ecosystem of microbes that live on our skin. The skin microbiota plays a crucial role in how our skin looks, feels, and acts. Our skin harbour millions of ‘friendly’ microbes, that protect us day in  and out. Modern technologies help us to determine the effect of cosmetics, soaps, personal care products, antibiotics, probiotics or other interventions on the skin microbiota. However, the right testing methods and
expertise is required to demonstrate the ‘microbiome-friendliness’ of your product, and to put claims with rigorous scientific justification on your products. In this online experts meeting we will discuss microbiome-friendly concept for ingredients & formulations, market trends and different applications.

This meeting will be hosted by Dr. Radhika Bongoni (Head of Business Development, BaseClear), and the expert speakers are Paola Lisotto (Product Manager Skin Health & Personal Care, BaseClear), Sebastien Mongiat (Global Beauty & Personal Care Manager, DSM), Dr. Rob Howlin (Microbiologist, GSK) and Dr. Søren Kjærulff (CEO, Lactobio). The meeting is organised together with PRI/Microbiome Times and will start on Tuesday May 17th at 16.00 CET / 15.00 BST / 10.00 EST. The webinar will be hosted via Zoom platform.

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