BaseClear partners with Naturalis and Leiden University of Applied Sciences in new Metagenomics lectorate

On November 1st a new lectorate Metagenomics has been launched which focuses on researching the relationship between biodiversity and human, plant and ecosystem’s health. The lectorate aims to develop new techniques to quickly map complex biological systems. Dr. Arjen Speksnijder is lecturer and he will work in close collaboration with students, Naturalis, Leiden Bio Science Park and genomics-partner  BaseClear. 

The traditional process of mapping biodiversity is an meticulous and long-time practice. That is why, this universal approach is more and more often complemented by innovation techniques, such as metagenomics. Metagenomics is a molecular tool used to analyse DNA acquired from environmental samples, in order to study which organism are present in the ecosystem.


BaseClear is a company which besides offering genomics expertise and consultancy in understanding and use microorganism, also aims to support academia and stakeholders in new research and discoveries in the life science industry. This time, BaseClear is in partner with the Leiden University of Applied Sciences and Naturalis. The partnership aims to strengthen the lectorate and develop innovative technologies applicable in metagenomics research for scientists and business coordinated by the new lecturer, Dr. Arjen Speksnijder.

The lectorate does practice-oriented studies into health and biodiversity matters. Naturalis and the Leiden University of Applied Science both pay an equal share of the lectorate sponsored by Regieorgaan SIA and BaseClear. BaseClear alongside the other partners aim to improve the quality and impact of  the Leiden Universities of Applied Science, by stimulating cooperation between them, companies and academic institutions.

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