BaseClear purchases PacBio Sequel system

BaseClear, together with CatAgro, has purchased the latest platform from Pacific Biosciences: the PacBio Sequel System. With the Sequel system BaseClear offers the most cost-effective and high-throughput Single Molecule Real Time (SMRT) sequencing technology available at this moment. This system is ideal for projects such as rapidly and cost-effectively generating high-quality whole genome de novo assemblies.

The new Sequel System is based on the proven SMRT sequencing technology, which is already used on the PacBio RS-II system for many years now. On the Sequel, each SMRT cell generates on average 300-500 k reads with an average read length >10 Kb. Per SMRT cell this leads to an output of approximately 3-6 Gb. SMRT technology offers a PCR-free sequencing method with random errors and uniform coverage (GC%). When obtaining sufficient coverage the consensus sequence will have the highest quality of any sequencing technology available at this moment.

Applications now include the construction of high-quality whole genome de novo assemblies of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, the survey of genomic variation in complex populations on any size scale and detection of epigenetic modifications. Within the near future the Sequel system can also be used for full length whole transcriptome analysis for alternative splice variant detection.

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