BaseClear’s CIR accreditation renewed until 2022

BaseClear’s CIR accreditation has been renewed until December 31st, 2022. With the renewal our French customers are able to claim tax relief on R&D costs from projects outsourced to BaseClear.

Crédit d’impôt recherche (CIR) provides fiscal support for companies involved in R&D expenditure. BaseClear is approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research & Innovation as an organisation carrying out R&D activities on behalf of its customers. BaseClear offers complete R&D services to accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms. We offer a complete range of microbial genomics services, including metagenomics, microbiome analysis and strain safety assessment for regulatory approval. BaseClear provides access to the latest genomics technologies and bioinformatics solutions to answer your research questions in the best possible manner.

We are delighted to provide proof of our CIR Accreditation to our French customers who run studies with BaseClear, and who wish to avail of this French Government tax break. Take advantage of the CIR tax credit with BaseClear services as your laboratory partner. Get in touch with our French account manager Anais Guebey ( to discuss how we can support your specific research and development needs.

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