Do you need a ‘Microbiome-Friendly’ claim for your product?

BaseClear supports customers in all requirements needed to put claims such as ‘microbiome-friendly’, ‘microbiome-gentle’ and ‘microbiome-respect’ on a product. Our end-to-end solutions include study design, skin microbiome analysis, strain tracking, advanced biostatistics including PCA and RDA analysis, and interpretation of the data by our team of experts. The final result is a clear answer on the link between the skin microbiome and the product of use. Get in touch now to request a sample copy of our improved report format or to get a quotation for your upcoming project.

Awareness of the importance of the skin microbiome is growing in both the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and their customers. Consumers want products that do not harm the skin’s healthy microbial balance, both for fully formulated products and their individual components. The addition of prebiotics, probiotics, bio-active components and preservatives to a formulation can help to maintain the microbiome’s natural balance, and specifically promote beneficial microbes. In vitro research and clinical trials that include skin microbiome profiling and metagenomic analysis are necessary to show efficacy in microbiome-friendly products.

We at BaseClear believe that skin microbiome research will help people attain a healthy skin with a balanced microbiome. Using our genomics and microbiome-application expertise, BaseClear can help you analyse the skin microbiome to measure differences between treatments and determine how the product interacts with the microbiome. We can support you in all requirements needed to demonstrate the efficacy of a personal care product in the context of the microbiome, or to put claims such as “microbiome friendly” on a product.

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