Almira Gordijn

Almira Gordijn perceives her role as HR Manager as crucial to BaseClear’s goal of becoming a genomics expert and delivering high-quality technical expertise to its customers. “BaseClear’s team consists of highly educated and enthusiastic professionals. In the current competitive market climate, where employers are vying for the same top talent, BaseClear must differentiate itself from its competitors to attract, continuously develop, and retain its workforce. Prioritizing the well-being of our staff allows them to excel in taking care of our customers. Additionally, our location in a modern and vibrant building within the Leiden Bio Science Park holds great appeal and contributes to our employees’ positive experience.”

Almira holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and possesses well over a decade of working experience in the oil & gas and clinical diagnostics sectors. This unique combination has nurtured a strong service-oriented mindset, coupled with a professional and business-focused approach. Almira’s extensive professional background has equipped her with valuable tools and insights into HR design within corporate organizations. In large organizations, adapting rapidly to changes in the external market and implementing process improvements can often be challenging. However, BaseClear, with its smaller size and streamlined communication channels, enjoys the advantage of being able to quickly adapt to evolving market conditions.

In her spare time, Almira enjoys an active lifestyle and rarely stays still for long. “When I’m not running after my two sons, I enjoy chasing a ball on a tennis court.”

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