Bas Reichert

Founder of BaseClear, Bas Reichert’s vision for a successful company is based on nurturing a motivated and highly knowledgeable team to solve customers’ problems. “First, my philosophy with the company was that we should offer not only a service but also a way to help customers improve: I’m proud to say that we offer a complete solution that actively helps customers develop applications in a better way. Furthermore, I want my colleagues at BaseClear to be motivated about their work. By creating a positive and energetic team, we are in the best place to keep customers satisfied as well. That’s a key growth strategy for success. Last but not least, I want to help make other people successful by sharing what I have learned,” he comments.

Bas is excited about the opportunities that are offered by microbial genomics, and how BaseClear can contribute to understanding how microorganisms can be used to develop novel applications for the health of humans, animals and the planet. He is focused on BaseClear taking a strategic position to expand the genomics field as a whole. Bas explains: “What sets BaseClear apart is its broad range of services that cover all steps of the research process, from study design to the final publication-ready reports. This streamlines the research programs of our clients and lets them get more from the analyses. We have a great deal of knowledge available within the company, and we are focused on creating sustainable partnerships with our clients and research partners to grow the industry. I feel that it is our goal to unlock the potential of microbe-related products and make a significant positive impact on health and the environment in the future.”

Bas graduated from Leiden University with a degree in plant molecular biology. He was interested in the commercial application of biotechnology and co-founded BaseClear with his wife and business partner Erna Barel after recognizing the potential in DNA analysis. “Creating a start-up using a service model made a lot of sense to me, both from a business point of view and in fitting with my own ideas on how a business should be run. I’m proud of what BaseClear has achieved: great teamwork and work environment, focused on customer needs to provide solutions that exceed their expectations”.

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