Diana van Rossen

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Manager Diana van Rossen sees her role as essential for BaseClear’s aim to be the industry leader in microbial genomics. She explains: “My aim is to provide a positive experience for our clients. I’m happy to answer any questions that may arise about the technical aspects of the analysis. BaseClear provides more than just a service: we work with the customer to provide the best solution that we can. The data we produce is generated with the greatest care and quality to ensure the correct interpretations can be made.”

In her position, she leads a team of technicians and a project coordinator to conduct the NGS analyses for the diverse projects that BaseClear handles. She provides technical support to clients, and gives the final data release and final report. Now as NGS manager, she has more time to look into the theoretical basis for the equipment and analyses. “I’ve never stopped learning since the day I arrived. I keep abreast of advances in the field to ensure that BaseClear meets the future sequencing needs of the genomics community.”

Diana has been working as part of the BaseClear family for more than a decade. After completing a Bachelor degree in Medical Microbiology, she worked in several university-based positions before starting as a technician in the NGS laboratory. She became NGS manager in 2009. “I’m a family-centred person. I’m the mother of two young children and my free time revolves around the family. BaseClear also feels like family to me. Even though we have grown a lot since when I started, everyone knows each other. I know who I am working for and that’s meaningful to me,” she says.

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