Eline Klaassens

Human gut microbiome specialist and world traveller Eline Klaassens joined BaseClear to use her microbiome expertise as Product Manager Human Health. “I’ve always had a strong interest in sustainability and human health. Many people have health problems related to gut dysbiosis. Through my studies, I’ve learnt a lot about the gut microbiome and I’d like to use my knowledge to improve people’s wellbeing through applications developed with microbial genomics,” she comments.

Eline advises clients about genomics analyses for expert projects for clinical trials and the food industry. “BaseClear provides a complete solution with validated and dependable procedures, advanced bioinformatics and biostatistics and reporting tailored towards the research question, and publication-ready visuals. As a human microbiome expert, customers value my contribution to interpretation of the analyses to support their projects. I make an important contribution to the success of their research due to my specialised academic background,” she notes.

Eline completed an MSc in Food Science and Biotechnology, followed by a PhD in Microbial Ecology in the Human Gastrointestinal tract, both from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She held several post-doctoral positions in industry-academic consortia, government research organisations and academia in the Netherlands and Australia before setting out on journey through Asia, Africa and the Middle East for several years. Eline explains how this has impacted her working style: “Travelling has given me an invaluable perspectives into how people live around the world. I’ve greatly improved my social and communication skills, and I’m better at handling stressful moments now. I can use these skills at BaseClear: not only is my knowledge as human microbiome expert highly regarded, I can meet the challenge of the dynamic working environment and wide variety of client needs through my experiences travelling.”

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