Lujain Mousa

With a passion for strategic & digital marketing and life sciences, Lujain Mousa is enthusiastic about applying her education and experience in her role as Marketing Manager at BaseClear. Lujain’s experience spans across several industries including FMCG, pharmaceuticals, animal health, and biotechnology. Her inquisitive nature allows her to ask critical questions that help to better understand customer needs and challenges in the market. “Our expertise in microbial genomics allow us to provide valuable solutions to our customers, and its very important that we bring awareness of such services to the industry.”

Together with the marketing team, Lujain’s work involves staying up-to-date with market news, attending conferences, strategic and marketing communication planning and execution, and product development. She works closely with both the commercial and product development teams to ensure the right services are available to the right clients, and communicated at the right moments.

Lujain completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology at the University of Toronto, and Master’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing at McMaster University in Canada. Growing up in Canada for most of her life, she had the opportunity to work for several multinational organizations across various marketing roles, before moving to The Netherlands. Her experiences have allowed her to develop a strong foundation and passion for marketing, particularly digital marketing. “I’m lucky to be able to couple the two things I love in my role at BaseClear – science and marketing. This sense of purpose motivates me in my daily work. I enjoy coming up with creative campaign ideas and client solutions, and interacting with colleagues, partners, and clients on a regular basis.”

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