Magdalena Miziolek

At BaseClear, Magdalena combines her sense of adventure with her passion for sustainability in her position as Senior Account Manager. She loves the dynamic environment of working for a successful technology company based in Leiden Bioscience Park, and she enjoys being able to contribute to sustainability through microbial genomics. “What I like most about working for BaseClear is that the application of microbial genomics has so much potential. I’m part of translating the technology to useful applications.”

Magdalena is the first point of contact for new accounts, where customers appreciate her enthusiasm and can-do approach. Her responsibilities range from account management to supporting the business development and marketing team. Activities that she performs for this include managing the social media channels and contributing to the planning of marketing campaigns. “I try to use my creativity to think outside the box and find the right solution for customers. It’s important to listen to understand what they really need. I also use a sense of urgency in everything I do – this speeds up the process and leads to faster results for customers,” she comments.

Magdalena completed a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology in her native country of Poland before moving to the Netherlands for a Masters in Biology and Science-based Business at Leiden University. She was very interested in working at the interface between science and its commercial application. She chose to complete an internship at BaseClear, an interesting company for her because it is actively growing and the technology has a lot of potential to create a positive impact in the world. “In my personal life, I’m committed to sustainability: I take a bike to work and I eat a plant-based diet as part of my environmentally-friendly lifestyle. I find the same values reflected in BaseClear, from the application of genomics technology to the environmentally-friendly building design. I like to bring this mindset into my role at BaseClear as much as possible. I’m pleased that I can work alongside dedicated colleagues who are contributing towards a more sustainable future” she comments.

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