Mubanga Kabwe

Dr. Mubanga Kabwe has a passion and interest in all things microbes! She is enthusiastic about practical applications of microbes for sustainable product development. Mubanga has skills and experience spanning different fields including mycology, biotechnology, pathology, and metagenomics, which gives her unique insights and technical expertise that she brings to BaseClear’s product development team. “I have an extensive skillset with experience working with many types of microbes and a broad viewpoint, which means that I can provide excellent technical support to clients.”

In her role as Product Manager, Mubanga provides technical expertise and support to clients before, during and after custom projects relating to human health and other product lines. She collaborates within the team on customer projects and is involved with improving efficiency within the workflows. “I hold my work to a high standard because I’m passionate about what I do,” she comments.

Mubanga completed a master’s degree in microbiology, and a PhD focused on the metagenomics of the South African human gut microbiome from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. Her previous work experience includes roles in microbial ecology research, as a marketing research assistant, teaching microbiology to undergraduate students, and developing PCR tests for infectious disease detection. She explains: “I was attracted to the position because of BaseClear’s application of microbial genomics to improve human and animal health and the company’s sustainability values. Sustainability is a holistic concept for me. For example, if we can produce food more efficiently, it will have a domino effect on human health and the environment. I’m focused on using my knowledge about microbes to help develop useful and sustainable applications.”

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