Paola Lisotto

With her clinical background and fascination with the microbial world, Paola Lisotto brings her expertise to BaseClear’s product development team. “My passion for the microbial world has guided my education and career decisions. I’ve worked with nosocomial pathogens, the human microbiome including less well-known habitats such as the lung microbiome, and investigated the effect of different interventions on the microbiome, so I have a broad range of topics I can advise clients about,” she says.

Paola supports customers with their questions about human health and the microbiome. She provides technical advice about projects and answers any queries that may come up during a project. She explains how her expertise is in high demand: “I have a background working in the hospital, and that provides insights that are extremely valuable for our customers here at BaseClear. The technology used to investigate the microbiome continue to develop and there are so many possibilities now to learn about the microbiome. We have learned so much already, but there is a lot that is still unknown. It’s a great place to be.”

Paola completed a Bachelor in Molecular Biology in Trieste University and a Master in Clinical Biology at the University of Padua. “I really wanted to study abroad to open my mind. I undertook a traineeship in Groningen as part of the Erasmus program and then decided to undertake a PhD in the Netherlands as well, which investigated how medication affected the microbiome of hospitalised patients. The international environment in BaseClear was just what I was looking for, and I love to discover new places here in the Netherlands,” she explains.

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