BaseClear collaborates with many partners in selected industries. The goal of our partnerships is to serve our customers even better with specific services. We help our customers to create and deliver the essential advantages they need to survive and thrive in a changing world.

BaseGene - a gene synthesis company

BaseGene is one of the leading gene synthesis suppliers of Europe. BaseGene is a joint venture of BaseClear and Bio Basic. Bio Basic, located in Canada, is is one of the largest professional gene manufacturers in the world. For over 15 years, Bio Basic has synthesized millions of base pairs of genes for researchers worldwide. BaseClear is the largest independent DNA research laboratory based in the Netherlands.

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Future Genomics Technologies

Future Genomics Technologies, founded in 2017, is a collaboration between biotech company BaseClear and Leiden University. FG Technologies aims to translate academic knowledge and novel technologies into usable applications and provide early and easy access to these applications. Their mission is to help customers achieve their goals using cutting edge sequencing and bioinformatics technologies.

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ProBase Pharma offers a complete portfolio of molecular based rapid testing services under strict GXP conditions to the international (bio)pharmaceutical market. ProBase Pharma offers GMP certified microbial identification, microbial typing and Sanger sequencing services. In the near future the service package will be expanded by offering services based on the newest genomics technologies, including Next Generation DNA sequencing, and also Real-Time PCR assays will be part of the portfolio.

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BaseClear spin-off MyMicroZoo™ provides insight into intestinal complaints by mapping the residents of our intestines. MyMicroZoo™ provides a good picture of what is happening in the microscopic zoo that resides in everyone’s body. It tells among other things, which bacteria reside in the intestines and how many there are.

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The Decathlon project’s strategic objective is the development of cost efficient advanced DNA-based methods for specific traceability issues and high level on-site applications. More specific Decathlon aims to develop advanced, dedicated DNA-based methodologies for lab-based and on-site application for selected issues in the fields of food pathogens, traceability of GMOs and customs issues.

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