Pathogen detection pipeline

With our pathogen detection pipeline we offer an efficient, fast and accurate solution to detect pathogens in a variety of sample types. Our pipeline includes false-positive adjusted species-level taxonomic analysis by shotgun metagenomics sequencing. With this pipeline we can quickly scan for pathogens in metagenome data. We detect both known and unknown pathogens. Our state-of-the-art tools deliver way to better distinguish low abundant pathogens from false positives.

Our innovative pathogen detection method is comprehensive, fast and able to detect contaminants at low abundance levels (up to 0.01) in a variety of sample type. This rapid method is assembly-free and uses specific pathogen databases and downstream analyses to check for low abundant potentially pathogenic species. Our pipeline can be used on metagenomic sequencing data from an wide array of samples.


Advantages of our pathogen detection pipeline;

  • We can quickly scan for both known and unknown pathogens in metagenome data
  • The database is customizable according to the client needs
  • Accuracy of identifications of true positive readings
  • Pathogen database curated by ABSA, Master and FDA
  • Fast detection of contamination
  • Detection of low abundant species
  • User friendly output table
  • Additional functional analysis to investigate the pathogenicity of the detected species

Altogether, our integrated metagenome pipeline offers a reliable approach to quickly detect pathogens. This method can replace more laborious and less precise traditional methods of pathogen detection.

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