Product IP & regulatory scoping

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) while navigating regulatory frameworks is paramount for any product-driven enterprise. At BaseClear, we understand the significance of securing and protecting your innovations while ensuring compliance with the relevant regulatory frameworks. Our comprehensive approach integrates deep industry knowledge with a keen understanding of our clients’ goals, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions and invaluable insights. Explore how we can support your projects in maximizing the potential of your genomic analyses while safeguarding your intellectual property and adhering to regulatory standards.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • IP infringement assessment on microbial strains
  • Market insights on product development trends through assessing new microbes and enzymes
  • DNA in final product & product production optimization
  • Benchmarking own product via custom built database

Why BaseClear?

  • Accuracy and reliability
    NGS sensitivity can detect microbial ingredients even below detection limits.
  • Technical expertise
    Scientist and the project manager to set up and tailor the analysis.
  • Experience with complex matrixes
    Detergents, enzymes, sourdough, beer, and cheese.
  • Customisation
    Customised analysis with regulatory expert and bioinformatics team.

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Meet Hua Zhu!

With her unwavering passion for microorganism and over 15 years dedicated research experience, Hua Zhu brings her expertise to BaseClear as Regulatory Affairs Product Manager. “I am consistently fascinated by the invisible microbial world,” Says Hua. “My diverse experiences with various microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, fungi and phage, enable me to perceive our customers’ needs and provide assistance across a broad spectrum of microbial topics.”

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