BaseClear wants to be the outsourcing partner that you are looking for. Do you need an expert who can help you regularly with the difficult samples you struggle with? BaseClear can do that for you. Are you looking for a back-up laboratory that can handle your samples in case of a temporary failure of your own identification systems, or do you have a temporary need for extra capacity? We are the right partner for you. Would you like to completely outsource your microbial identifications, having calculated that outsourcing could save you money? BaseClear indeed offers a full solution for identification and typing at the fastest delivery times and at competitive prices. Please contact us for more details!


When you have implemented your own MicroSEQ® or Vitek® MS system for quality assurance, an additional device should be available in the event of a temporary failure or in case of a temporary need for extra capacity. Instead of buying additional systems that are only rarely used, you can also commission BaseClear as your back up laboratory. This means that you can use our services in case you need extra capacity. If necessary, you can also perform an audit at our laboratory to convince yourselves that our lab is perfectly organized and compliant with ISO and GMP.


When you do the monitoring of microbial contaminations in-house, you may sometimes find a microbial contamination that requires a more extensive identification method than the system that you are using. BaseClear has a lot of experience in the identification and typing of a wide range of microorganisms and can help you identify even the most difficult variants. You can always contact us in case of such a problem.


You can always contact BaseClear Quality Solutions to discuss the possibilities for partially, or even completely outsourcing your microbial identifications. Due to our automated workflow and optimized robotics, we can offer our microbial identification and typing services with the fastest delivery times and at competitive prices. Outsourcing to BaseClear will not only save you money and time on the identifications themselves, but also on investments, housing and training. With BaseClear you can always be sure that the latest technology is used for your tests and that your results are delivered fast. Moreover, your data are always analysed by real experts with a lot of knowledge and expertise in bacterial and fungal identification, typing and detection. These experts are able to handle and characterize even the most difficult samples!

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Richard is director of our Quality Solutions business unit. In addition he is site-manager of ProBase Pharma, the daughter company of BaseClear for GMP certified rapid molecular testing.

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