GMP sequencing

BaseClear offers a highly precise and reliable GMP sequencing service that covers all steps necessary to determine complete double-stranded sequences.

It is commonly used for confirmation of the sequence and integrity of a gene or plasmid and prior to cloning or transfection into a cell line or viral vector. It is also the method of choice for verification that a gene of interest has been successfully introduced into a target cell or plasmid, or that a genetically modified virus has the desired genetic composition. For regulatory submission of therapeutic proteins and vaccine production, DNA sequencing of the entire plasmid or viral vector is required. In addition, DNA sequencing can be used to confirm the identity and stability of (production) cell lines and for patent submissions.

Our GMP sequencing service includes:

  • Design and synthesis of all necessary primers
  • Performance of all sequencing reactions
  • 2-4 fold coverage on DNA strands (or adapted to your wishes)
  • Assembly of the sequence reactions to a contig-sequence
  • Alignment of the contig-sequence to the supplied reference
  • A complete report, readily accepted by most regulatory authorities
  • You will receive a QA approved and signed GMP compliant report together with analysis files per sample and all raw sequence data (abi/scf/seq files)
  • BaseClear also provides additional services like DNA extraction, DNA amplification (using (RT-)PCR), DNA purification and a primer walking strategy

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