Periodic environmental monitoring is an essential part of the quality control system when manufacturing food, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics. By detecting microorganisms in the environment of your labs, clean rooms or manufacturing plant as early as possible, it is possible to prevent further contamination problems. Moreover, the monitoring of in-house microbial isolates, as an indicator of the normal in-house flora, has become part of the periodic testing and food contamination crisis plans.

BaseClear Quality Solutions can support you in the environmental monitoring of your company. We can help you determine the optimal identification method, quality level, delivery time and support you need.

Microbial cleanroom validation

A cleanroom is a modular environment in which several environmental factors are kept under control, including microbes. The purpose of Performance Qualification (PQ) of the cleanroom is to demonstrate with objective evidence that the cleanroom consistently operates within defined parameters to produce the defined, desired environmental outcome. Cleanroom PQ involves testing and monitoring of viable microbial particulates. BaseClear Quality Solutions can help you with your clean room validation by the identification of viable microbes using innovative molecular methods.


BaseClear Quality Solutions offers all inclusive services for fast and reliable identification of fungal and bacterial contaminations. BaseClear is specialized in fast microbial identification using molecular techniques such as (q)-PCR, DNA sequencing and MALDI-TOF.

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