BaseClear Quality Solutions offers several all inclusive, very fast and reliable fungal and bacterial identification services. We are specialized in fast microbial identification using molecular techniques such as (q)-PCR, DNA sequencing and MALDI-TOF. Our bacterial and fungal identification services are perfect for QA/QC laboratories in for instance food, water, pharmaceutical and public health industries.

Microbial identification methods

BaseClear Quality Solutions offers services using the revolutionary MicroSEQ identification system from Applied Biosystems. The MicroSEQ system is recommended by various agencies around the world, including the US and European Pharmacopoeia. The MicroSEQ system is validated and results are blasted against a commercially validated database. The system is based on PCR and DNA sequencing. There is no need for time-consuming growth. This makes it suitable for fast screening (1 working day for our fast service!) of even the most difficult samples. In addition we offer microbial identification services using the VITEK MS identification system from BioMérieux. This proteotypic technology is 30-40% more accurate compared to existing phenotypic methods. For fungal identification we also offer services based on in-house developed ITS-sequencing protocols for ITS identification.

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From back-up laboratory to complete outsourcing partner

When you have implemented your own MicroSEQ or Vitek MS system for quality assurance, an additional device should be available in the event of a temporary failure or in case of a temporary need for extra capacity. Instead of buying additional systems that are only rarely used, you can also commission BaseClear as your back up laboratory. If necessary, you can audit our laboratory to convince yourselve that our lab is perfectly organized and compliant with ISO and GMP.


When you do the monitoring of fungal or bacterial contaminations in-house, you may sometimes find a microbial contamination that requires a more extensive identification method than the system that you are using. BaseClear Quality Solutions has a lot of experience in the identification, characterization and typing of a wide range of microorganisms and can help you identify even the most difficult variants.

Partial or complete outsourcing

You can always contact us to discuss the possibilities for partially, or even completely outsourcing your bacterial identifications. Due to our automated workflow and optimized robotics, we can offer our microbial identification and typing services with the fastest delivery times and at competitive prices. Outsourcing to BaseClear will not only save you money and time on the identifications themselves, but also on investments, housing and training. With BaseClear you can always be sure that the latest technology is used for your tests and that your results are delivered fast. Moreover, your data are always analysed by real experts with a lot of knowledge and expertise in bacterial and fungal identification, typing and detection.

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