Microbial contaminations are often introduced into the manufacturing process via raw materials. Especially materials of a natural origin can contain an extensive and varied microflora. But also chemical materials can be contaminated with microorganisms. Microbiological testing of the raw materials ensures that they are suitable for their intended use and can prevent costly production problems and delays. During the production process, the intermediate products as well as the final products should be periodically checked for the presence of microbiological contaminations.

BaseClear Quality Solutions can do the complete microbiological testing on raw materials, intermediate products and final products using molecular methods such as DNA sequencing (MicroSEQ®) or MALDI-TOF technology (Vitek® MS). We can help you meet all requirements and guarantee the quality of your products.

Bacterial testing methods

BaseClear Quality Solutions offers several bacterial testing methods. For instance we offer all inclusive services for fast and reliable bacterial identification. In addtion, for purposes such as root cause analysis we offer strain typing services. All our bacterial testing methods are fast and suitable for quality control testing.

Fungal testing methods

In addition to our bacterial testing services we also offer fungal testing services. Also for fungal testing we offer rapid molecular-based identification and strain typing services. With our strain typing service we can help our customers to perform a root cause analysis.

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