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In case of a microbial contamination, it is necessary to determine where this contamination came from, i.e. the root cause of the contamination problem. Since different microorganisms occupy a diverse range of habitats, the only way to determine the origin of a contaminating microorganism is to characterize it as a specific strain and match this with control strains, or other strain present somewhere else in the environment.

For this BaseClear Quality Solutions offers an all-inclusive microbial typing service for root cause investigation. We can do the microbial typing based on Rep-PCR, which is a universal method for both fungi and bacteria. In addition, we offer the possibility to do Multi-Locus Sequence Typing (MLST) on bacterial and some fungal species, which offers the advantage that the sequence data are unambiguous and the profiles can easily be compared with a large central database. We can help you to determine the optimal typing method, quality level and delivery time and help you solve your contamination problem.

Meet Bas Schenkeveld

Bas is one of our account managers, he joined our team in 2015. He focusses mainly on customers working in Quality Assurance and Quality Control laboratories.


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