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Mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures and other cell-derived chemicals is a widespread problem in biological laboratories and production facilities. Since they are relatively small and resistant to common antibiotics, they often escape notice. However, their presence can have mild to severe consequences, including changes in membrane composition, cell metabolism, RNA, DNA and protein synthesis and even chromosomal aberrations. Nowadays, mycoplasma testing is required for meeting quality control standards for laboratories concerning research, production and maintenance of cell lines.

BaseClear Quality Solutions offers a mycoplasma testing service using a validated PCR test. In addition, we offer the possibility to further characterize the positive mycoplasma samples with our MicroSEQ® system, using 16S sequencing. This system allows us to identify the exact Mycoplasma strains that are present, enabling you to conduct a root cause investigation.

Meet Bas Schenkeveld

Bas is one of our account managers, he joined our team in 2015. He focusses mainly on customers working in Quality Assurance and Quality Control laboratories.


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