Before a new drug or other biologic can be released, it is necessary to confirm the quality of the encoding gene sequence and to verify the identity of the plasmids that are used. Sequence verification can easily be done via Sanger sequencing. BaseClear Quality Solutions offers an all-inclusive Sanger sequencing service, which can be either ISO or GMP compliant. BaseClear Quality Solutions can help you design the optimal sequencing strategy for your sequence verification project. This is also possible with a delivery time of only 24 hours! GMP Sanger sequencing can be done through our GMP Brand Probase Pharma.


BaseClear Quality Solutions also provides a second pipeline to sequence and assemble your plasmids using Next-Generation Sequencing and BaseClear’s bioinformatics services. This newer technology is widely used for (meta)genome and amplicon sequencing and is more cost effective for larger datasets. The delivery time of this service can vary, but could be as fast as one week. Please contact our professionals for the most suitable strategy for your sequencing project.

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Richard is senior account manager. In addition he is manager of ProBase Pharma, the GMP-brand of BaseClear.

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