BaseClear Quality Solutions offers several special viral testing services. We can detect and characterize not only known viral pathogens, but also novel ones from a wide spectrum of sample types. For this we isolate the viral RNA and/or DNA from your samples, and sequence it using next generation sequencing (NGS) technology. In addition we offer virus sequencing and virus re-sequencing services. This service can be applied for e.g. the verification of known viral pathogens.

Viral contaminations only rarely occur in the biopharmaceutical industry. However, they present a serious threat as they are difficult to detect and there is a lack of effective methods of treating infected cell cultures. Therefore, viral contaminations should be prevented as much as possible and raw materials, cell banks and products should be regularly checked for the presence of viruses.

Discovery of viral contaminants

BaseClear offers the possibility to detect and characterize novel viral pathogens from a spectrum of different sample types originating from either plants, animals or humans. We can help you with the design of your virus discovery experiment, analysis of your samples and reporting of the results in a user-friendly format. For this we offer extensive experience with next generation sequencing technologies, an expert team of bioinformaticians, and the expertise of our head of R&D, Dr. Daniël Duijsings, who holds a Ph.D. degree in molecular virology.

Virus discovery and re-sequencing services BaseClear

Virus re-sequencing

With our virus re-sequencing service BaseClear offers sequence verification of known viral pathogens. We have considerable experience with the sequencing of both RNA and DNA viral genomes (influenza virus, adenovirus, etc.). Simply provide us with the reference sequence and the viral material, and leave the work to BaseClear Quality Solutions. Please contact us to discuss your virus sequencing project.

BaseClear RNA sequencing service

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