Adventitious agents and viral testing

BaseClear’s rapid and validated contamination detection services ensure your cell cultures, virus stocks and final products are free from mycoplasma and other adventitious agents.  

Cell culture contaminants threaten an experiment’s validity and poser wider threats to human health, the scientific community, and the safety of biopharmaceutical products. Early detection of contaminants, such as viruses and mycoplasma, is essential to reducing the potential disruptions to research, drug development and bioprocessing.

Next generation sequencing (NGS) detection of viral adventitious agents is becoming increasingly accepted by regulatory agencies, due to its sensitivity and potential to overcome practical challenges faced by current routine methods. During the development of BaseClear’s NGS viral detection workflow, we worked closely with major pharmaceutical clients to create a powerful system for the detection of low-level viral dsDNA, ssDNA, ssRNA and dsRNA.

Mycoplasma detection

Mycoplasma detection is another core aspect of our services, and a critical part of contamination analysis. With our expertise, in-house technology, and flexible approach, we are well-positioned to help you avoid productivity losses. As a result, many pharmaceutical companies have strategically partnered with BaseClear to incorporate powerful NGS-based detection and protect their bioprocesses from contaminants. BaseClear also helps clients improve their quality control measures for biopharmaceutical product development, ensuring compliance with cGMP regulations.

Mycoplasma detection BaseClear

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