MALDI-TOF technology

BaseClear offers MALDI-TOF identification services using the VITEK® MS from bioMérieux. With this identification method for bacteria and yeast samples a spectra is obtained using MALDI-TOF technology (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight) and analysing this spectra with the VITEK® MS database. The VITEK® MS contains a comprehensive CE marked and FDA cleared database for bacteria and yeast. The peaks from the spectra are compared to the characteristic pattern for a species, genus, or family of microorganism, thus resulting in an identification.


It is not possible to requests this service for mould samples, only bacterial and yeast samples can be identified using the MALDI-TOF. If the MALDI-TOF results do not meet our quality standard, the samples will automatically be identified using a sequence identification at no extra charge. Delivery time of our MALDI-TOF identification service is 3 working days for the standard service or within one working day after we have received your sample(s) for our fast service!


  1. The target slide is prepared and introduced to a high-vacuum environment.
  2. A precise laser burst ionizes the sample.
  3. A “cloud” of proteins is released and accelerated by an electric charge.
  4. After passing through the ring electrode, the proteins’ Time of Flight is recorded using a formula from the time recorded.
  5. Proteins are detected with a sensor to create a spectrum that represents the protein makeup of each sample.
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VITEK MS used for MALDI-TOF identification of bacteria and yeast samples

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