BaseClear offers a high quality gene expression analysis service. We offer this service in combination with our transciptome sequencing service, and is part of our complete package for genomics-based characterisation of microorganisms. With our gene expression profiling service we compare the expression levels of multiple genes between two or more samples. With this analysis you can identify the molecular basis of phenotypic differences. Gene expression analysis provides valuable insight into the role of differential gene expression in biological processes.

RNA sequencing and gene expression analysis

BaseClear offers a complete RNA sequencing service in combination with gene expression analysis and isoform detection. All bioinformatics comparisons and tests include a P-value analysis to ensure the statistical significance. Our bioinformatics department has developed a state-of-the-art RNA-Seq analysis pipeline. The ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the best possible answers to their gene expression analysis research questions. Of course, if you have specific request we also offer tailored strategies. Our managers are happy to discuss the ideal workflow to make sure that your research questions are answered.

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Complete microbial strain characterisation

Microorganisms can only be applied as food ingredient or production strain when they are sufficiently stable and able to function optimally under the desired conditions. Probiotic bacteria, for example, often need to be able to withstand the gastric acid and bile salts that are present in the stomach and intestines. Fermentation production strains should function optimally under the desired conditions. To investigate and optimize these characteristics, it is necessary to find out which genes are expressed in a given physiological background. Such information can be obtained via our complete solution to determine the gene expression. This also allows for the discovery of novel exons and alternative splicing.

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BaseClear strain characterisation

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Derek is our Commercial Director. In addition to a PhD in microbiology from the University of Cork he has more than 15 years’ experience working on microbial genomics research projects together with industrial partners.

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