Sampling and logistics solutions

Data generated from microbiomics and genomics studies is very dependent on how samples are collected, stored and transported. It is therefore essential that the study protocol for sampling, storage and transport is carefully and completely drafted. The quality of your study plan determines the success of the project and whether the research questions can be answered correctly and with confidence.

BaseClear has decades of experience in managing microbiomics and genomics projects. We know how to eliminate bias in results by advising and providing sampling and transport solutions for your research studies. As such, we provide logistics advice for all of our clients, as well as both off-the-shelf and custom-assembled sample collection kits for a range of different project and sample types. With our logistics solutions we support customers working in pharmaceutical clinical research or field research in animals, for example. Thanks to these logistics solutions, we can support microbiomics and genomics studies anywhere in the world.

Sampling and collection kits

Our sampling kits contain collection tubes suitable for your type of sampling. These kits contain all the necessary components, including stabilization buffers and clear instructions to obtain good and consistent quality samples. The samples are sent directly back to us for analysis in a standardized manner. In addition to offering our standard sample collection kit, we can also customize the kit branding and contents to suit the needs of your specific project.

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