Since 1993 BaseClear has helped producers of food, biotechnological and pharmaceutical products to assure that their products are of high quality. This quality assurance has to be performed via accurate and reliable methods that are GMP and ISO compliant. Our services are ideal for environmental monitoring, contamination investigation, root cause analysis, raw material testing and is suitable for very fast screening of even the most difficult samples.

We are the preferred laboratory partner for many companies to perform majority of their desired microbiological QA/QC testing. With our experience and expertise we are able to provide our partners with an answer for even the most challenging questions, Our microbiology department is a well-equipped facility with a complete range of reliable and validated test systems for identification and strain typing of bacteria and fungi.

Testimonial Abbott Biologicals

For our production it is important to check for microbiological contamination and to subsequent identify these on the basis of its DNA. BaseClear does excellent work and always sticks to the agreement made. I always receive a response within an hour.

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