With our virus re-sequencing service BaseClear offers sequence verification of known viral pathogens. We have considerable experience with the sequencing of both RNA and DNA viral genomes (influenza virus, adenovirus, etc.). Please contact us to discuss your virus sequencing project.


  • Simply provide us with the reference sequence and the viral material, and leave the work to BaseClear (please discuss terms of delivery with one of our specialists)
  • We have experience with many different viruses
  • Viral RNA or DNA isolation optional for many viruses
  • Reverse Transcription PCR (RT-PCR) possible for RNA viruses or PCR for DNA viruses
  • Sequencing of viral genomes using traditional (Sanger) or next generation sequencing technologies (Illumina, PacBio or ONT Nanopore sequencing)
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Testimonial DuPont Industrial Biosciences

The support that BaseClear has provided in the field of bioinformatics and downstream processing of next generation sequencing data has been extremely important for us. There are of course other organisations that offer next generation sequencing but that does not mean that you have everything you need. BaseClear's extra service is unique and represents one of their great strengths.

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