Recombinant DNA cloning is not always easy to execute and often time-consuming. BaseClear has considerable experience in challenging cloning projects and can complete projects very efficiently. Cloning projects can be complicated due to issues such as gene toxicity, large vector or insert size, unstable DNA elements or the presence of DNA secondary structures. We have experience with many of these difficulties and can help you.

During the planning and execution of custom cloning projects, we consult our customers and ensure that every aspect of the work is agreed upon before it is performed. In addition to this, we analyse every step of the cloning process. This enables us to assess the success of every stage.


We can offer a fast cloning service, with a delivery time for cloning projects as fast as 7 days. This service will help customers to speed up their work and gives the possibility to obtain the construct you need within a short time and without spending valuable time on routine cloning work.

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Testimonial University of East Anglia

The fact that we keep coming back to BaseClear means that we are really satisfied. Both their service and their turnaround time are excellent. I also really appreciate the fact that BaseClear staff are very helpful when it comes to solving a problem, even when it is not their responsibility

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