BaseClear can construct high quality synthetic DNA libraries in order to optimise even the most complicated genes. Synthetic DNA libraries can be used as an in vitro molecular evolution strategy. This is the most efficient method for creating proteins and regulatory sequences with improved or novel properties.

A DNA library might help to:

  • Increase or adjust promoter strength or specificity
  • Enhance or modulate protein stability
  • Modify or combine enzyme properties
  • Increase binding affinities of receptors, ligands and antibodies
  • Optimise or alter signal peptide efficiencies
  • Destroy protein function whilst retaining immunogenicity
  • Combine and select natural polymorphisms
  • Increase protein half-life
  • Adjust thermal stability
  • Optimal results for complicated libraries

BaseClear is able to synthesise large libraries with the highest degree of accuracy in the non-random, constant part of the genes of interest, and an equal distribution of nucleotides in the randomised parts. BaseClear has extensive experience with a wide variety of libraries, including very complicated ones. We are even able to construct libraries of large genes or large constructs (2-3 kb), due to several in-house specialist technologies.

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  • Site Mutated Libraries: One or more specified mutations at a specific location
  • Site Saturated libraries: One location mutated in all possible variants
  • Combinatorial Libraries: Several locations mutated in one or more (or all) possible variants.


We have fully automated systems for the isolation and quantification of DNA from various sources. After cloning and transformation into E. coli, the colonies can be picked up by our automatic colony picking equipment and transferred into microtiter plates (MTP). This allows for fast automatic screening of the libraries. In combination with our in-house equipment for sequencing and gene synthesis, this results in short time lines and high quality libraries.

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