With our complete suite of microbial genomics solutions, we can be your one-stop shop. BaseClear offers a complete range of sequencing services, including Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Sanger, and GMP sequencing. Our customers can rely on our expert staff and top-level technologies. Also, with 30+ years of extensive experience and expertise on microbial genomics, our bioinformatics team can assist you with answering a wide range of microbial genomics questions ranging from differential gene expression analysis, to key microbial biomarker discovery, pathogen detection, as well as custom bioinformatics analyses. The BaseClear team can help you acquire a safety assessment dossier on microorganisms used as production strains, probiotics, live biotherapeutics, novel foods, feed additive production, and fermentation among other food & feed applications. Additionally, we offer a complete package of molecular methods for bacterial and fungal identifications available – our experts can advise which option best fits our client’s needs. Explore our services below!


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