Study design consultancy

With BaseClear’s study design consulting services, we provide researchers and project managers with access to leading experts in genomics, microbiomics, biostatistics and bioanalytics. With our decades of experience in microbial genomics projects that we execute for a wide variety of clients, we provide strong support for study design writing.

The devil is in the details

Genomics and microbiomics projects depend on many small factors that influence the success of the project. Samples should be taken uniformly, with the correct collection materials and in the correct manner, and stabilized soon after collection to avoid bias. The correct number of replicates, both biological and technical, must be included to obtain statistically relevant results. There are many different options for DNA/RNA extraction, but which one is the best for your project? Thanks to our many years of experience, BaseClear can provide a suitable and confident answer for all these questions and help you write your study plan.

Study design consultancy services

After evaluating your research goals, we will suggest the optimal experimental strategy tailored for your task, including which platforms and techniques should be applied. In some cases, application of customized DNA/RNA extraction and sample preparation methods might be recommended to achieve robust results. Our study design consulting services includes;

  • Design of clinical trials.
  • How many biological and technical replicates are required for statistically relevant results
  • Advice on which biological material should be used
  • How the samples should be collected, stored and transported
  • The DNA/RNA isolation techniques best suited for your project
  • The NGS platform type to be applied
  • The required bioinformatics & biostatistical methods.
  • The most cost-effective project setup

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