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Based on optimised protocols, BaseClear is able to create mutations in virtually every DNA fragment. This is a valuable tool for studying DNA or protein structure and function. Site-directed or random mutagenesis can be applied to any DNA-fragment cloned into a plasmid vector. We can help you to introduce a range of mutations, varying from point mutations to deletions or insertions. The final construct will be delivered as purified plasmid DNA of your vector with the mutation in combination with an E. coli stab containing this plasmid. The samples will be accompanied by a report of the mutagenesis project, including the raw sequencing data and a complete alignment of the sequence (500 bp) around the mutation (both electronic).

Meet Björn te Boekhorst!

In 2013 Björn started working for BaseClear in the role of sales and account manager. His main focus is customer acquisition.

Testimonial TNO Quality of Life

What I appreciate in BaseClear is their flexibility. the result of which are visible in tailored customer-specific agreements. BaseClear has an open mind with regards to the wishes of their customers. If we need a project that deviates from their standard services, they will always find a solution.

Senior Research Assistant Microbiology & Systems Biology


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